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Online Teaching and Learning Resources

Additional links (grouped by Language Name) will be added as new teaching and learning resources are submitted by tribal programs using technology tools like games, apps, and online dictionaries to engage their communities in language learning – particularly youth. Resources included here are available for free, but may link to products for sale. To submit a Teaching and Learning Resource your community has developed or is using email LG@CS.org

Our Language Revitalization Ethics

Cultural Survival’s Endangered Languages Program and this Language Gathering website project are Indigenous-driven, guided, and led, with local tribally-controlled language instruction programs fostering fluency receiving primary focus (versus scientific repository efforts intended for documentation and scholarly data collection), and retaining all rights to their intellectual property.

Alphabetical by Language Name

Alutiiq Apps (Smart Phone, iPhone, and Blackberry)
Alutiiq K-5 elementary curriculum units, workbooks & storybooks
Alutiiq Online Dictionary

Apache Speaking Dictionary

Arapaho Dictionary
The Arapaho Project Language Lessons

Cayuga Talking Dictionary: http://www.ohwejagehka.com/cayuga/

Cherokee (Tsalagi) Native American Language Basic App from Thornton Media, Inc.: Words, phrases, syllabary entries

iCherokee App from the Cherokee Nation
Cherokeee iSyllabary from the Cherokee Nation: Basic sounds and English conversions
Cherokee Language Children’s Songs: http://www.cherokee.org/AboutTheNation/Culture/Downloads/33053/Information.aspx

Chickasaw Language Basic App: Hundreds of Chickasaw Words, Phrases, Songs, and Videos from the Chickasaw Nation and Thornton Media, Inc.

Creek Beginning Dictionary

Comanche Talking Dictionary
Haida Dictionary

Hasanai (Caddo) Dictionary

Hidatsa Dictionary

Ho-Chunk (Hoocąk) Native American Language App by Thorton Media, Inc., with The Hoocąk Waaziija Haci Language Division, Ho-Chunk Nation

Ioawy-Otoe-Missouria (Baxoje) Dictionary

Kanza (Kaw) Language Lessons Free Software

Klamath Dictionary

Klamath Tribes Language Project

Kiowa Dictionary

Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Dictionary
Lakota Toddler App (iPad) by Israel Shortman: for children (ages 2 to 9) to learn Lakota language through the use of interactive visual flashcards, audio, and gameplay lessons

Mayan Dictionary (Spanish-Maya)

Michif (Métis) Online Language Lessons

Mi’kmaq (Mi’gmaq) Talking Dictionary

Mohawk Talking Dictionary
Mohawk Word Lists

Myaaamia (Miami) Online Dictionary

Nahuatl Dictionary (Spanish-Nahuatl)
Nahuatl Lessons (Spanish-Nahuatl)

Native American Language App by Native American Public Telecommunications: Learn words in Diné, Lakota, Mvskoke, and Ponca

Navajo Toddler App by Israel Shortman: Designed for children (ages 2 to 9) to learn to speak the Navajo language through the use of interactive visual flashcards, audio, and gameplay lessons

Ojibwe (Anishinaabemowin) Language Lessons
Ojibwe People’s Dictionary

Osage Nation Language Library

Passamaquoddy/Maliseet Dictionary

Pawnee Alphabet Book
Pawnee Language Lessons

Potawatomi Dictionary

Potawatomi Language Lessons, Videos & Games

Sauk Dictionary

Shoshoni (Shoshone) Dictionary

Siletz Dee-Ni Talking Dictionary

Southern Pomo Alphabet App

Tlingit Dictionary

White Clay 1By Aaniiih Nakoda College (iPhone/iPod Touch): Released by the White Clay Language Immersion School, including 7 categories, 70 entries, 3 games, 3 quizzes, search, record, play back, and scoring functions.

Wyandotte Language Lessons

Zapotec Dictionary (Zapotec-Spanish)

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